HPLC Basic Training

For the user in the diagnostic HPLC laboratory, we offer 2-day training courses with theoretical and practical parts.


The objective of the 2-day training course is to understand the basic principles and application of chromatography in clinical diagnostics. The participant should be able to identify, correctly interpret and correct typical errors.

Next date for basic HPLC training:

16. – October 17, 2018


  • Laboratory Diagnostics staff with little experience in HPLC and routine users looking to brush up on their basics.

Contents of the basic HPLC training:

  • Basic principles of chromatography
  • Structure and function of a HPLC system
  • Care and maintenance of the HPLC modules (theoretical and practical part)
  • Detection methods (focus: amperometric detection)
  • Sample preparation (laboratory practical training)
  • Evaluation and interpretation of chromatograms
  • Quality Assurance
  • Basic Principles and Application of UHPLC