Fixed-Wavelenght-VIS-Detector (460 nm), Model FW3000

ClinLab® Instruments are well established for routine HPLC analysis with flexible handling. Our instruments are easy to use.

Order No.
FW3000ClinLab® Fixed-Wavelength-VIS-Detector (460 nm),
Model FW3000, complete, consisting of:
Digital electronic unit, detector cell, test cell, power supply cable,
signal cable (analogue output), autozero-cable, hydrodynamic
restrictor, fuses, adapters, user manual
FW3101Power supply cable
FW3102Signal cable (analogue output)
FW3103Autozero-cable with core cable ends
FW3104Autozero-cable with HITACHI-connector
FW3201Fuse 250 V, T 1 A
FW3301Detector cell
FW3302Test cell
FW3303Hydrodynamic restrictor
FW3304Lamp replacement

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