TDM Add-on Set Immunosuppressants

The right decision

Trace ElementsNEW: Trace Elements Complete Kit including 4-point Calibrator

From Deficiency to Toxicity

Chronic Alcohol Abusealkoholkonsum

Biomarkers in clinical diagnostics EtG / EtS and CDT

TDM 200 Kit Systemtdm200-kit

The RECIPE TDM 200 Kit System offers to determine more than 155 different analytical parameters. A kit system includes sample preparation, mobile phases and the analytical column. Internal standards are available for almost all analytes.

New : New born-Screening, Non-derivatisedhealthcare_from_the_beginning

RECIPE provides LC-MS/MS methods for Newborn Screening and the detection of metabolic disorders.

Smart Steroid Profilingsteroid_profiling_web

RECIPE developed a fast and simple quantitive Steroid profiling LC-MS/MS method that covers 90% of the relevant steroid hormones.