Chromaster HPLC OrganiZer, Model OrganiZer6000

ClinLab® Instruments are well established for routine HPLC analysis with flexible handling. Our instruments are easy to use and compatible with common modular components.


The Organizer6000 is used for the power supply of additional modules (pump, autosampler, UV-detector and interface Card).

Technical specifications:


The following module can be supplied with power via the Organizer6000:

  • HPLC pump Pump6000 (1 unit)
  • AS6000 (1 unit)
  • Interface card (1 unit)
  • UV6000 (1 unit)

Order No.
Organizer6000ClinLab® Chromaster HPLC Organizer, 
Model Organizer6000, complete
consisting of:
Power cable, DC-cable for pump, autosampler, detector, interface board and manual
Organizer6101Power cable

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