Chromaster HPLC UV/VIS-Detector, UV6000

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The UV/VIS detector has a deuterium lamp and a tungsten lamp, which can register up to two wavelengths simultaneously.

Technical specifications:


Flow cell capacity: 13µL

Optical path: 10 mm

Wavelength: 190 – 900 nm

Spectral bandwidth: 6 nm

Wavelength accuracy: ± 1 nm

Time constant: To be selected from 0,02 to 2,0 s.

Order No.
UV6000ClinLab® Chromaster HPLC UV/VIS-Detector, 
Model UV6000, complete
consisting of:
UI Pad, detector cell, D2-lamp, tungsten lamp, e-line cable (50 cm) and manual
UV6105e-line cable (50 cm)
UV6108e-line cable (80 cm)
FK5000PEEK Starterkit:
Fingertight fittings, in one piece, 1/16″,
Fingertight fittings, in one piece, narrow head 1/16″,
Hex head nuts, 1/16″,
Double ferrules, 1/16″,
Union, 1/16″,
Tubing, OD: 1.59 mm (=1/16″); ID: 0.25 mm, blue,
Tubing, OD: 1.59 mm (=1/16″); ID: 0.50 mm, orange,
Cutter and flange tool

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