Free Metanephrines

Plasma free metanephrines (PFM) are the most specific parameters for the diagnosis of extraadrenal chromaffin tumors. The measurement of PFMs (metanephrine (M), normetanephrine (NM) and 3-methoxytyramine (MT)) is challenging because of their polar nature, their low molecular weight and their low physiological concentration in human plasma.

This ClinMass® Complete Kit represents a reliable and standardised method for the determination of PFM. In contrast to most of the LC-MS/MS methods established in clinical routine analysis, this method does not require dilution or evaporation steps. The measurement of highly concentrated samples is guaranteed. Alternatively to this method with manual sample preparation for standard LC-MS/MS systems, RECIPE offers an LC-MS/MS Complete Kit with on-line SPE analysis.

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Free Metanephrines Plasma


Chromatogram Free Metanephrines Plasma

Ordering Information

Order No.DescriptionQuantity
MS11100ClinMass® Complete Kit for Free Metanephrines in Plasma1 pce.
for 200 assays
Autosampler Washing Solution1 x MS11005
Mobile Phase A
Mobile Phase B
Internal Standard IS
Serum Calibrator Set, lyophil. (Level 0 – 4)
Sample Preparation Columns
Washing Solution W11 x MS11121
Washing Solution W21 x MS11122
Washing Solution W31 x MS11123
Eluting Reagent E1 x MS11124
Separately available components:
MS11005Autosampler Washing Solution1000 ml
MS11007Mobile Phase A250 ml
MS11008Mobile Phase B1000 ml
MS11112Internal Standard IS50 ml
MS11013Serum Calibrator Set, lyophil. (Level 0 – 4)5 x 1 x 3 ml
MS11014Optimisation Mix2 ml
MS11120Sample Preparation Columns50 pcs.
MS11121Washing Solution W1400 ml
MS11122Washing Solution W2400 ml
MS11123Washing Solution W3200 ml
MS11124Eluting Reagent E40 ml
Start Accessories:
MS11030Analytical Column with test chromatogram1 pce.
MS11161Elution Vials100 pcs.
ClinChek® Controls:
MS11080Serum Control, lyophil., Level I10 x 3 ml
MS11081Serum Control, lyophil., Level II10 x 3 ml
MS11082Serum Control, lyophil., Level III10 x 3 ml
MS11083Serum Control, lyophil., Level I, II, III3 x 3 x 3 ml

Most LC-MS/MS methods used in clinical routine analysis involve time- and labour-consuming manual sample preparation for solid phase extraction (SPE). In contrast to this the RECIPE ClinMass® Complete Kit provides a simple sample pretreatment with one-step protein precipitation and subsequent on-line SPE.

Sample Pretreatment

Sample Preparation Free Metanephrines online Plasma


Chromatogram Free Metanephrines online Plasma

Ordering Information

Order No.




ClinMass® Complete Kit for Free Metanephrines in Plasma – on-line Analysis

for 200 assays

1 pce.

Kit Components (order no. MS11000):


Autosampler Washing Solution

1000 ml


Mobile Phase A

250 ml


Mobile Phase B

2 x MS11008 (2 x 1000 ml)


SPE-Buffer Load L

2 x MS11009 (2 x 1000 ml)


SPE-Buffer Wash W

1000 ml


Precipitant P with Internal Standard

30 ml


Serum Calibrator Set, lyophil. (Level 0 – 4)

5 x 1 x 3 ml


Optimisation Mix

2 ml


Sample Pretreatment Vials

2 x MS11020 (2 x 100 pcs.)


1 pce.

Start Accessories:


Analytical Column with test chromatogram

1 pce.



1 pce.

ClinChek® Controls:


Serum Control, lyophil., Level I

10 x 3 ml


Serum Control, lyophil., Level II

10 x 3 ml


Serum Control, lyophil., Level III

10 x 3 ml


Serum Control, lyophil., Level I, II, III

3 x 3 x 3 ml

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