The determination of homocysteine in dried blood spots (DBS) is used for the newborn screening for inherited defects of the methionine metabolism (homocystinuria).

The RECIPE ClinSpot® Complete Kit allows a reliable determination of total homocysteine from DBS. After sample preparation (reduction and precipitation step) the sample analysis is performed with an injection interval of 1.0 min only. Optionally the sample preparation can be performed in 96-well plates.

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Homocysteine DBS


Chromatogram Homocysteine DBS

Ordering Information

Order No.DescriptionQuantity
MS2100ClinSpot® Complete Kit for Homocysteine in Dried Blood Spots (DBS) for 300 assays1 pce.
Kit Components (order no. MS2100):
MS2005Autosampler Washing Solution1000 ml
MS2010Mobile Phase800 ml
MS2112Internal Standard IS, lyophil.5 ml
MS2113Dried Blood Spot Calibrator Set (Level 0-3)4 x 1 x 3 spots
MS2020Sample Preparation Vials3 x MS2020 (3x 100 pcs.)
MS2021Reagent A5 ml
MS2022Reagent B30 ml
Manual1 pce.
Start Accessories:
MS2030Analytical Column with test chromatogram1 pce.
FK6501Protective Sheets for 96-Well-Plates (PE/PP foil, 80 x 140 mm)50 pcs.
FK651096-Well-Plates (370 μl)5 pcs.
ClinChek® Controls:
MS2182Dried Blood Spot Control, Level I, II2 x 1 x 3 spots

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