This ClinEasy® Complete Kit is designed for the photometric determination of urinary porphobilinogen (PBG). Enhanced levels of PBG are observed with porphyrias and in case of certain intoxications (lead).

For diagnostic verification additional ClinEasy® Complete Kits for 5-aminolevulinic acid and PBG and the total porphyrins as well as a ClinRep® HPLC Complete Kit for the differentiated porphyrins are available.

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Porphobilinogen Urine

Ordering Information

Order No.DescriptionQuantity
17300ClinEasy® Complete Kit for Porphobilinogene in Urine1 pce.
for 50 assays
Urine Calibrator, lyophil.1 x 17213m
Sample Preparation Columns for PBG1 x 17320
Reagent C1 x 17223
Reagent D1 x 17224
Quick Reference
Separately available components:
17320Sample Preparation Columns for PBG50 pcs.
17223Reagent C7.5 g
17224Reagent D200 ml
FK4000Column rack (for 20 columns)1 pce.
ClinCal® Calibrator:
17213Urine Calibrator, lyophil.5 x 5 ml
17213mUrine Calibrator, lyophil. (available as kit component only)1 x 5 ml
ClinChek® Controls:
17280Urine Control, lyophil.10 x 5 ml
Level I
17281Urine Control, lyophil.10 x 5 ml
Level II
17282Urine Control, lyophil.2 x 5 x 5 ml
Level I, II

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