Steroid hormones are synthesised from cholesterol. The majority of these powerful molecules are produced by the adrenal glands, testes or ovaries. They fulfil a wide range of physiological functions after binding to specific cell receptors of various target organs. Mainly they are involved in the carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism, stress response and in the regulation of the water and mineral balances, in reproductive processes and the development of secondary sex characteristics. Consequently steroid hormones are also involved in a variety of diseases, like adrenal tumors, the Adrenogenital syndrome (CAH), the Cushing’s syndrome or the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The quantitative profiling of steroids is essential in diagnosis and evaluation of pathologic conditions and therapeutic responses.

RECIPE developed a fast and simple quantitative Steroid profiling LC-MS/MS method that covers the most relevant steroid hormones.

Sample Preparation

Sample Pretreatment Steroids Plasma Serum


Chromatogram Steroids Plasma Serum

Ordering Information

Order No.DescriptionQuantity
MS12000ClinMass® Complete Kit for Steroids in Serum / Plasma1 pce.
for 200 assays
Autosampler Washing Solution1 x MS12005
Mobile Phase A1 x MS12008
Mobile Phase B1 x MS12009
Internal Standard IS1 x MS12012
Serum Calibrator Set, lyophil. (Level 0 – 6)1 x MS12013
Sample Preparation Vials2 x MS12020
Precipitant P1 x MS12021
Separately available components:
MS12005Autosampler Washing Solution1000 ml
MS12008Mobile Phase A1000 ml
MS12009Mobile Phase B800 ml
MS12012Internal Standard IS10 ml
MS12013Serum Calibrator Set, lyophil. (Level 0 – 6)7 x 1 x 2 ml
MS12015Optimisation Mix 12 ml
MS12016Optimisation Mix 22 ml
MS12020Sample Preparation Vials100 pcs.
MS12021Precipitant P5 ml
Start Accessory:
MS12030Analytical Column with test chromatogram1 pce.
ClinChek® Controls:
MS12083Serum Control, lyophil.,3 x 3 x 2 ml
Level I, II, III

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