Vitaminstatus B1, B2 and B6

Early detection of deficiencies – now also by LC-MS/MS


Vitamins are needed in small quantities for vital processes in the body. Every vitamin has a specific function. The vitamin status differs according to:
– age, – sex, – health and illness.

The determination of B vitamins may be necessary in suspected neuropathies. Deficiencies may also occur in diabetes mellitus type I and II. Also in vegan nutrition, there may occur deficiencies in B-vitamins.

  • Extended panel, includes vitamin B2
  • 4 stable isotope labeled Internal Standards. We measure vitamin B6 in 2 forms, PLP and PL
  • 4 level calibrators and 2 level controls for a quick and cost effective analysis
  • Time-saving one-step sample preparation (B1 and B6)