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Chronic Alcohol Abuse

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Lifestyle or Danger?

  • The per capita consumption of pure alcohol is 11 liters per year.
  • 1, 7 million men and women in Germany are alcohol dependent.
  • More than 2% of all deaths are due to alcohol
  • 13,000 new cancers are directly linked to excessive alcohol consumption
  • 256 People die every year from alcohol-related accidents
  • 27.9% of suspects in selected offenses were under the influence of alcohol

Source: Alcohol Atlas Germany 2017, published by DKFZ (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg)

Some illnesses are caused exclusively by alcohol consumption, with well over 200 illnesses alcohol is involved in the development.

Prevention, timely diagnosis and therapy are therefore of far-reaching importance. Clinical diagnostics with different specific and sensitive biomarkers, depending on the problem, make a decisive contribution to the identification and follow-up of alcohol abuse.

Relevant areas are

  • forensics
  • health
  • alcohol withdrawal