Antiepileptic Drugs


d10-Carbamazepine, d3-Ethosuximide, d4-Felbamate, d3-Lacosamide, 13C3-Lamotrigine, d6-Levetiracetam, d4-Oxcarbazepine, d5-Phenobarbital, d5-Phenylethylmalonamide (PEMA), d10-Phenytoin, d4-Pregabalin, d5-Primidone, d4-Retigabine, d9-Stiripentol, d6-Theophylline, d6-Tiagabine, d12-Topiramate, d6-Valproic Acid, 15N,d4-Zonisamide

Order No.DescriptionQuantity
MS9212ClinMass® Internal Standard, lyo-
phil., for Antiepileptic Drugs for
TDM Platform, Add-on Set-order
no. MS9200
5 x 5 ml
MS9262ClinMass® Internal Standard,
lyophil., for Antiepileptic Drugs
for TDM Platform, on-line,
Add-on Set order no. MS9250
5 ml

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