Chromatography Software

ClinLab® Instruments are well established for routine HPLC analysis with flexible handling. Our instruments are easy to use and compatible with common modular components.

Order No.
SW1000Software-Packet Clarity™:

consisting of:

basic software module, 2 control moduls, A/D-converter (2-channels) (for data aquisition and chromatography evaluation*, as well as for controlling an HPLC-system)
1 pce.
SW1100Basic Software Module Clarity™

(for data aquisition and chromatography evaluation*)
1 pce.
Software-extension moduls:
SW1201Module for an additional HPLC-system1 pce.
SW1202Module for system suitability tests1 pce.
Control moduls:
SW1301Control module for HPLC-instruments like pump, detector, etc.1 pce.
SW1302Control module for Autosampler1 pce.
SW1604A/D-converter (USB), 2-channels, incl. cable1 pce.
SW1605A/D-converter (USB), 4-channels, incl. cable1 pce.
SW1612USB-RS232 Adapter1 pce.
SW1613MultiCom-Converter (1xUSB to 6xRS232)1 pce.
SW1701USB-RS232 Adapter1 pce.
ClarityTM is a registered trademark of DataApex.
*: For controlling HPLC-instruments, corresponding RS232 serial cables and RS232 serial ports, as well as free USB-ports are required in the PC; please note hardware-requirements!

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