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TDM Add-on Set Immunosuppressants

The right decision

TDM 200 Kit System with 8 Add-on Sets

The right decision for the lab and the attending physician for the benefit of the transplanted patient:

  • high quality of analysis by balancing matrix effects with stable isotope-labeled substances
  • no method splitting
  • only 1 analysis run per substance class
  • another 7 substance classes available, including mycophenolic acid

After organ transplantation, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring plays a crucial role, especially in immunosuppressants.

To provide you with the necessary safety and precision in the lab, we have developed our CE IVD RECIPE TDM Kit system with the new add-on set for immunosuppressants.

You are also welcome to contact us directly. We advise you competently and comprehensively.

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